Transfer Information To Other Documents Using Word 2007’s View Side By Side Feature

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There may be times When you need to copy information from one of your Word 2007 documents to another, and you could simply copy the information from one document, open the destination document, click where you want to insert it, and paste it. Or, you could just right-click and drag the information from one document to another. The View Side By Side feature in MS Word 2007 makes it easy to do!

Perhaps you might want to copy a picture in Document A to Document B.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  • Open Document A.  
  • Open Document B and scroll to the place you want to insert the picture.  
  • Click the View tab.  
  • In the Window group, click the View Side By Side command.  
  • (Click in Document B) Click Window under the View tab.  
  • Click Synchronous Scrolling to turn it off.  
  • Select the picture in Document A.  
  • Right-click and drag the selected picture to where you want to insert the picture in Document B.  
  • Release the mouse button and select Copy Here.

After copying your selections, you can turn off the View Side By Side feature by clicking Window under the View tab of the active window and then clicking the View Side By Side command.

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