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Five months ago, I reviewed Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker.

To recap: Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker prints stick-on labels and jewel case inserts for CD and DVD media. [Click here to view Acoustica CD Labeler in action: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3].

One of the great features of Label Maker is its ability to import track lists without having to retype the names of each track on a disc. I also like the fact that I can create unique labels using clip art from any graphic file, including my own personal photos.

As I pointed out in the original review, Label Maker supports more paper types than any other label printing program I've ever encountered. And just recently, Acoustica released an update to CD/DVD Label Maker which includes even more great features:

  • Circular and spiral text on labels: make it easier to fit large playlists on the front of CDs. Labels with circular text certainly add a creative touch.
  • Track layout redesign: makes positioning track lists on labels a whole lot easier.
  • Support for the popular Macintosh "iTunes" playlist files.
  • Support for over 100 new paper stocks have been added to the already extensive list of paper choices, including support for mini CD labels.
  • Support for CD Printers: allows you to print directly to CD and DVD media.
  • In addition to great labeling software, Acoustica offers bundles of some outstanding custom label designs for about $10 each. Click here for some samples.

Side note: The upgrade to Label Maker v2.10 is free if you purchased Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker based on my previous review.


Acoustica CD/DVD and Jewel case authoring software is easily the most intuitive labeling software available today. With its auto playlist/CD look up support, typing in track names is a thing of the past. Label Maker includes custom art and supports 99% of stock CD stickers that can be purchased at virtually any electronics store.

For a limited time, the makers of CD/DVD Label Maker are offering a $2.20 discount off the original price of $21.95 USD. Plus, if you use the discount code "INFOPACKET" at the checkout, you'll save an additional 10%. Buy today and get Label maker for $19.75 using the link below! Proceeds from each sale help to fund our web site.

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