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A new series of strange Microsoft advertisements have made their way onto in what is said to boost Microsoft product line awareness -- but so far, the verdict is mixed. Although Microsoft has spent a whopping $300 Million Dollars to pair Jerry Seinfeld with Bill Gates in the promotion, the ads are random in design and appear to lack any message at all.

So, what's up with those strange Microsoft-Seinfeld ads?

We asked our Readers to sound-off. Although the majority of the comments received were negative, some ideas offered interesting perspectives.

Frank W. and a few others commented theme of connectivity and usability:

" I don't know what all the fuss is about. The theme of the ad was connectivity and how Microsoft believes in that. The story line was simple ... All in all a very neat ad, although I might think different of the edited version for TV. " ~ Frank W.

" I'm impressed. Not that it would make me run out and buy a PC, but it's funny, good-natured and reveals a different side of Bill Gates than what we're used to. It might even connect with ordinary people. " ~ Bill H.

" The commercials reflect only usability. Isn't most of the discontent with Vista centered around compatibility with hardware, not usability (with a bit of installation and configuration woes thrown in)? [Apple, Inc.] should capitalize more on that fact. Further more, I don't need Vista. " ~ Ed F.

Some interesting perspectives on the psychology of the ads were also offered:

" Although I definitely find the ads amusing, they will not sway me to purchase the Vista OS. But here's what I'm wondering: Have they (Microsoft) considered using subliminal message tactics that were banned by the National Association of Broadcasters in 1958 for their YouTube promotions, since the FCC has limited interference capabilities in dealing with Internet content? " ~ JWildhair

" Lovin' it! A number of years ago there was a coffee ad that was presented over several weeks as a serialized show -- it was a huge success, and I think this one is heading in the same direction. " ~ Trico

" I like the spot very much, it is genuinely funny. It puts a human face to Bill Gates, who is to most of us, an Olympian icon. Is it effective advertising? In same respects yes, because it is not an in your face annoying ad that TV is so fond of. A computer user is a more sophisticated audience, so selling to them requires a more deft touch somewhat like the Apple-PC ads. Perhaps it can be likened to the feel good ads of Budweiser and the dog? " ~ JacksDaddy1

The majority of users that wrote in were not convinced of the ad message or its promotion of Microsoft products:

" Microsoft seems to be 'trying' to make the public believe something about their product that isn't true. A commercial will not change the product into a better one nor will it make the PC's that has been bought automatically become what they are touting it to be. " ~ Celia X.

" I bought a HP Computer with Vista pre-installed and removed it and installed XP Pro. Vista is the worse OS system that Microsoft ever put out. Why don't they just pull Vista off the market and admit that they really missed it. Just tweak XP, its by far the best system so far. " ~ Lamarche

" Microsoft can make all kinds of ads to sell or promote Vista. The ads will not change the fact that I distrust this program. Whether it is Seinfeld or a sexy blond with extraordinary attributes or any other type of advertisement, it still lies with the product's quality, which has not yet been proven to be the quality of Windows XP or better. People have spoken when the say they want XP. Why can't Microsoft get the message!! " ~ Bojud

" Microsoft is not up on comedy. They don't realize that the genius of 'Seinfeld' came from Larry David. Jerry Seinfeld had little to do with it except add one liners. In Microsoft's confused mind, they think Jerry = 'Seinfeld'. The final Seinfeld years without Larry David were very troublesome, story wise. That's why these ads are not funny, although Jerry Seinfeld is trying his hardest. " ~ Maniitok

" [Are these ads] getting me excited about buying MS stuff? That's not working. Do they make me feel good about the MS brand? No. Will I waste another 5 minutes watching the next dull and boring episode? No. Not only are these things lame ads, they're pretty lame comedy, too. " ~ Blakedes

" What a bizarre ad! I am not sure what conclusion to draw. It gives me no motivation whatsoever to want Vista. " ~ CandISteff

Many users based their comments on Windows Vista's lack of popularity:

" Considering I have had Vista for over 18 months and from personal experience, it sucks! And no, the commercials have not convinced me to buy or recommend Vista to my customers! Vista is the Windows ME of 2008! " ~ Coyboss

" Microsoft has absolutely lost it. This advertising campaign is possibly the worst in modern history, but it complements Vista which also happens to be the worst in recent history. " ~ Glenn K.

" These commercials are pathetic. No, they are not convincing me to buy Vista, and I am more than a casual user. I help most of the seniors in town with the computer problems and try to steer them away from new computers with vista for obvious reasons. " ~ MyCall55

" I would NOT buy Windows Vista and [seeing this ad] sure doesn't change my mind. Most advertising insults the average intelligence and this is no exception. The chance of that happening is about as much as the chance of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld coming to my house to stay. Get real! If you want to impress me or most consumers, create a good version of windows that is an improvement on XP. Don't keep trying to get rid of the lame duck Vista. " ~ SkyMaiden2002


Thanks to all who wrote in!

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