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Most programs I review only do one or two specialized things, and they're usually pretty good at what they do.

However, today I came across a multi-purpose optimization utility program that impressed the pants off me. The utility I'm referring to is called WinOptimizer Platinum Suite, and it contains an incredible package of cleanup tools designed to keep Windows lean, mean, and running smoothly.

WinOptimizer Platinum Suite: a New Successor

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum Suite is the new successor to the already hugely popular Ashampoo WinOptimizer Suite.

With an all-new interface and many new features, the Platinum Suite utility suite consists of a Drive Cleaner, a Registry Cleaner, an Internet Cleaner, an Internet Tuner, a File Associator, a .DLL File Cleaner, a File Wiper, and a Startup Tuner.

WinOptimizer Platinum Suite: One Click Optimization

The WinOptimizer Platinum Suite is made up of separate modules, each defining a unique task.

One of the coolest features of WinOptimizer is the 'One-Click Optimization' button, which executes almost all of the optimization tasks in a single run. Newbies will appreciate this option as the quickest and safest way to tune-up Windows, while Intermediate and Pro users will surely value the advanced features offered by accessing each optimization module independently.

Click here for an example [screenshot].

WinOptimzer Platinum Suite: Modules

Using WinOptimizer is safe and easy. All modules (except File Wiper) offer a way to reverse a setting in case the optimization needs to be reversed. Having said that, here is a description of each module:

  • Drive Cleaner: locates and removes garbage files on all drives letters, including: temporary files, old backup files, chkdsk files, garbage setup files, log files, and rarely-needed windows help index files. Side note: I wanted to give WinOptimzer Drive Cleaner a "run for the money", so I and decided to run my favorite Windows cleaning utility (Window Washer) just before running Drive Cleaner. I was *very* impressed to find that Drive Cleaner removed an additional 143 garbage files, freeing a grand total of 1.08 gigabytes of space that Window Washer missed!
  • Registry Cleaner: backs up the registry and then removes outdated and redundant registry values. For privacy-conscious individuals who share a PC, Registry Cleaner also removes a number of MRU entries, including: Search, Run, Media Player, and more. Side note: MRU refers to data or file history which has been Most Recently Used on the system. For example, if you click Start -> Documents, Windows will display a list of files which were recently accessed on the computer.
  • Internet (Privacy) Cleaner: delete tidbits of information left over from browsing the web, including: cookies, pictures, cached web pages, and Internet Explorer History (which typically displays a list of sites visited from up to 1 month ago). Internet Cleaner supports Internet Explorer, Netscape / Navigator, Opera, and Mozilla browsers.
  • Startup Tuner: It is convenient to have some programs (such as an anti-hacker firewall or anti-virus software) launch when Windows first starts up. Over time, however, some programs insert themselves into the startup when they are not needed. Subsequently, resources are wasted and boot time increases. Startup Tuner goes beyond most Startup editing utilities by allowing the user to edit and remove items in the Startup Folder and the system registry, and even the Win.INI file.
  • File Associator: Sometimes, file associations are overwritten by other programs without permission. For example, when you click a .DOC file, the document is usually opened with your favorite word processor. File Associator allows you to quickly and easily manage file associations.
  • File Wiper: In most cases, files deleted under Windows can be restored very easily with undelete software. File Wiper deletes individual files and entire folders so thoroughly, that they cannot ever be recovered.
  • DLL Cleaner (Advanced Users Only): locates redundant DLL files on your computer and allows you to delete them. If the copies in the Windows system folders are 100% identical to those in the application folders, the duplicate copies (in most cases) can be safely removed.
  • Internet Tuner: optimizes your Internet connection.

WinOptimzer Platinum Suite: Compatibility

WinOptimizer Platinum Suite is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP.


Just as dust accumulates on something new and shiny over time, unnecessary data and "leftover files" gradually take up space on every Windows machine. As the garbage collects, it clogs the system and performance begins to deteriorate.

Like a professional cleaner, the Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum Suite knows exactly what kind of dirt to look for, where to find it, and how to get rid of it efficiently -- without damaging anything else.

WinOptimzer Platinum Suite: Download

Purchased as separate software utilities, the modules which make up Platinum Suite would undoubtedly exceed the $100 dollar mark.

As part of an ongoing promotion, the kind folks at Ashampoo are once again offering Infopackets Readers a whopping 35% discount. Normally, WinOptimizer Platinum Suite retails for $49.99 -- however, if you purchase WinOptimizer Platinum Suite through our site you can grab it for only $32.50! This promotion was created specifically for our Readers and is not available through any other web site.

Side note: Ashampoo is also currently offering PowerUp XP Platinum (very popular), Uninstaller Suite, and CD Recording Suite at 35% off for our Readers. To find out more, click any of the product links to read a review.

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