Pentagon Seeks Robots To Hunt Down Uncooperative Humans

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The latest Orwellian request from the Pentagon reportedly involves seeking contractors to provide a "Multi-Robot Pursuit System" that will let packs of robots "search for and detect a non-cooperative human." (Source: and

Questions arise as to where that type of technology could end up. Last year, iRobot struck a deal with Taser International to mount stun guns on its military robots. How long will it be before we see packs of rogue droids hunting down pesky demonstrators with paralyzing and deadly weapons while making wrong decisions?

Steve Wright of Leeds Metropolitan University, an expert on police and military technologies told New Scientist that "what we have here are the beginnings of something designed to enable robots to hunt down humans like a pack of dogs" and "once the software is perfected we can reasonably anticipate that they will become autonomous and become armed."

Technologies for human detection and tracking devices including sensors which detect human breath and the radio waves associated with a human heart beat have already been developed.

While it's understandable that the military would want such equipment for war time use, concerns have arisen that it would be used against U.S. citizens irresponsibly.

With the threat of Marshall Law being instituted if the fraudulent bailout wasn't passed, U.S. troops being deployed on U.S. soil and the Department of Homeland Security expanding its own powers to search travelers at borders -- and turning vast swaths of the U.S. into "Constitution-Free Zones," egregiously violating the civil rights of numerous Americans -- the question of what the military intends to do with heavily armed robots tracking down 'non-cooperative' humans is a very legitimate one. (Source:, and

It appears that America has slowly and methodically been changed from a Democracy to a fascist police state in the name of "National Security," which may just be an oxymoron intended to keep crimes committed by the federal government covered up.

At what point does the federal government start looking out for the people they allegedly represent? At what point do people start paying attention to the dangerous acts being committed against them by their own government?

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