How much memory can my Laptop use?

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Infopackets Reader Robert H. writes:

" I am running Windows 98 Second Edition on a HP Omnibook XE2 laptop, which has 64.0 MB of RAM. I was wondering if I can add 256 of RAM in order to install Windows XP? PS: Thanks for a great newsletter and your eBooks, I have bought several and they have been a real help."

My response:

Memory configurations for laptops vary from machine to machine. Most laptops have 2 memory banks and have a limit as to how much memory they can recognize. In my experience, I've found Kingston's web site to be a great resource when researching memory configurations for notebooks.

FYI: According to the Kingston site, your laptop has 2 memory banks and supports up to 256 megabytes of RAM. This configuration would be achieved by inserting 2 x 128 megabyte sticks.

Side note: If Kingston doesn't have anything listed for your laptop, visit the laptop manufacturer's web site and try to obtain the specifications that way.

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