Order Domino's Pizza On Your TiVo Remote

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Have you ever wondered how we will purchase things in the future? TiVo and Domino's Pizza have joined together to provide yet another alternative to traditional retail shopping. In the very near future, users can order a new release with their digital remote and use their TiVo to order a pizza to compliment the movie.

Sounds far-fetched? It's actually pretty neat.

Analysts predict that within 3 years, a number of major companies will experiment with digital television retail. The move shows that Domino's hopes to establish themselves as a pioneer in this emerging field.

Many believe that advertisers will be clamoring to snap up as much advertising space as possible as an alternative to running traditional television commercials; the idea being that people generally get up and leave the room (or on TiVo, press the fast-forward button) at the sight of a commercial.

How does it work?

TiVo offers a menu similar to the on-demand option, where consumers can see a list of items available for purchase. After a few clicks on the remote, dinner is on its way. (Source: siliconvalley.com)

Here's where it gets really hi-tech.

You're watching a new Air Jordan commercial and say, "the next time I go to the mall, I'm buying those shoes".

Not anymore.

Consumers will soon be able to purchase the items seen in commercials (and eventually, in television shows and movies). Simply scroll over a designated icon, for instance, the shoes in the Air Jordan commercial, and be immediately sent to a link where you can find out more information and purchase the shoes right from your television remote. (Source: delawareonline.com)

So far, Domino's is the only company to go forward with the service, but there is one foreseeable problem with digital television retail... having to get up off the sofa to pay the delivery person.

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