IE image tool bar disappeared?

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Infopackets Reader John B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

In Windows XP, right-clicking on a photograph used to give me the option to send the image via email, or allow me to retain its original size using an image resizer button.

For some reason, this dialogue box no longer appears when I place my mouse over top of images. I have not downloaded any other photograph programs so it is a mystery why this function no longer works. I have searched for a solution on Google without success, and would be very grateful for your expert advice in resolving this issue. "

My response:

What you are referring to is the Internet Explorer Image Bar. To enable the Image Bar:

  1. Load Internet Explorer
  2. Click Tools -> Options
  3. Go to the Advanced Tab
  4. Scroll down to the Multimedia heading
  5. Ensure that "Enable Image Toolbar" has a checkmark
  6. Click Apply / OK, and close Internet Explorer
  7. Reload Internet Explorer

Now, when you view a picture using Internet Explorer, you should have access to the Image Bar. Pictures which are larger then your current screen resolution will also display the 'picture resizer' button.

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