Freeware envelope printing utility?, Part 2

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Recall --

Earlier this month Infopackets Reader Joan L. asked if I knew of a freeware envelope printing program. She wrote:

" Hi Dennis!

I really do enjoy reading all of your letters and find your newsletter very informative -- I have learnt a great deal. I usually type out the address in MS Word and then print out the envelope, but this is done using trial an error and I often waste a few envelopes along the way. I know you have many questions to answer, but I am sure other Readers are in the same boat as I am. Many thanks if you could point me in the right direction! "

In my response to Joan, I suggested using Microsoft Word's envelope printing function, but then asked Readers for other alternatives. Quite a few Infopackets Readers suggested Open Office, a freeware alternative to Microsoft Office. Reader Nick N. summed it up nicely:

" Granted, it's a lot more than just an envelope printer, but if you are flexible enough to try a different office suite, has an excellent envelope utility. The envelope function is available by selecting Insert -> Envelope when editing a text document. The interface is straightforward and allows you enter the To: address, set margins, and even select the envelope orientation. is an open source office suite available for download, although it's 63 megabytes in total. If you don't have high speed internet access and can't wait to download such a large file, you can obtain a CD-ROM for $6-$10. Most of these prices include shipping. "

Mahesh M. from Dubai and a few other Readers suggested Envelope Wizard (freeware). From the web site:

" Envelope Wizard is a utility for envelope printing. I have been searching forever for a freeware program that makes printing envelopes effortless. This one is it. Team it up with a freeware word processor/editor and you are ready to handle all your correspondence needs without the bloat of a big "Office" suite ... This program will guide you through the steps, necessary for using your computer and printer for addressing an envelope. "

And, Charlie N. suggested Quick Envelopes (free version). From the web site:

" Sure, your favorite Word Processor does envelopes! So does Quick Envelopes! And it doesn't cost $395, you won't have to attend a two day seminar, you won't need wizard help, and you will not have to wait 3 minutes for it to load. Simply the easiest to use envelope printing you will ever use! "

Thanks to all who wrote in with their suggestions.

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