AsusTek Introduces the Kitchen Computer

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AsusTek Computer Inc., a multinational manufacturer looking to put into practice the mantra that "less is more" recently released the Eee Top, a bare-bones version of the classic laptop filled with only the most essential features.

It seems as if every new tech device released these days tries to lure consumers by the number of applications it can offer. But what if the majority of consumers only really use their devices for one or two things?

Meet the kitchen computer

The drive towards cutting corners has led to low prices and small size. Referred to as the "kitchen computer," the Eee Top sits at the same height as a standing briefcase and works without the use of a mouse or keyboard (though the bundle comes with both of these, just in case). The keyboard can be stored on a stand behind the monitor and the Eee Top can even be hung on a wall just like a flat-panel television. (Source:

The device is touch-sensitive with an on-screen mouse and keyboard, perfect for finding quick recipes or cooking to your favorite songs using the web radio player. It connects over WiFi (wireless Internet) so that exterior cables do not take away from the compactness of the device.

Speaking of appearance, the Top also comes with a 16-inch LCD monitor that adds a sense of style to any modern kitchen. Other features include an application menu with large buttons that replaces the standard Windows start menu, which is great for connecting with the button on the first try before your pasta boils over.

Low Prices, Low Quality

Of course, cutting corners means that some features are bound to give. The Top runs on the Intel Atom processor, which is great for keeping costs low, but lacks the horse-power to show high-quality videos or next-gen video games. Its slim design also leaves no room for a DVD drive. (Source:

While $600 is reasonable for a bare-bones laptop (one that essentially serves its purpose as a "second" computer or "kitchen computer"), most analysts advise users to wait a while before rushing into retail stores.

Many believe that either the price will fall or a better model will be released in the near future.

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