Smokers Want E-Cigarettes Despite FDA Disapproval

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Smokers wanting to kick their addiction might receive a helping hand from a neat little tech gizmo called the "electronic cigarette" or "e-cig" for short.

The device runs on a rechargeable battery and requires a nicotine cartridge. E-cigs only have four ingredients: water, propylene glycol, a special added flavoring, and nicotine. The liquid substance is transformed into a smoke-like vapor that is then inhaled by the smoker.

Once the smoker takes a drag, nicotine is released into the mist and the sensation of hitting the lungs is almost identical to actual cigarettes.

All The Flavor, Without The Smell

Traditional smokers will be pleased to discover that most manufacturers attempt to emulate the flavors of actual tobacco products. E-cigs have been able to replicate the strength of Marlboro cigarettes, while also offering added flavors including menthol, apple and strawberry. (Source:

Friends and family will be pleased to discover that the "cigarette smell" which resonates off a smoker is virtually eliminated by e-cigs, since there is no actual fire or burned tobacco. The vaporized nicotine is inhaled, not exhaled, which results in the absence of a lingering odor.

E-Cigs: The Cheaper Alternative

Another favorable argument for e-cigs is the price. Smokers wanting to quit can pick up a starter kit for about $110. A replacement rechargeable battery sells for around $15, while nicotine cartridges cost $25 for a set of five.

While it sounds expensive, the recovering smoker will actually save more in the long run. Analysts predict that most people spend as much as $2,500 per year on cigarettes alone. By comparison, E-cigs will cost about $750. (Source:

FDA Disapproved

There is one major issue disrupting the worldwide popularity of e-cigs: FDA approval. The FDA has done everything in their power to stop shipments of electronic cigarettes from coming into the U.S., but this has not stopped retailers from selling these products.

In fact, the interest in e-cigs has never been higher. This begs the question: is the evidence suggesting the benefits of e-cigs over traditional cigarettes enough to sway FDA approval?

Hopefully, the increased interest in the product will be enough to entice the FDA to give it some more consideration.

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