HP Netbooks To Favor Google OS, Snub Microsoft

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Rumors suggest that Hewlett-Packard (HP) is considering to use the Google Android operating system in their netbook computers. If the rumors are true, the Linux's 10 percent market share could grow faster than ever before.

If the Linux-based operating system (OS) is considered the underdog in this battle, it should be noted that Linux is simply trying to reclaim the same figures that Microsoft once usurped. Some early netbook models offered a pre-installed Linux-based OS, but when Microsoft slashed the price of its Windows XP Home OS, Linux fell by the wayside. (Source: mashget.com)

Now the saga has come full circle, as Android looks to undercut the once-cheaper Windows.

Factors to Consider: Linux or Windows?

Although some view Linux-based operating systems as originators, more people are familiar with the Windows OS. Attempting to get people to abandon the familiar and "jump ship" to Android could cause HP to reconsider their gamble.

Still, the biggest deciding factor could be the namesake preceding Android: Google. If people associate Android with Google, the proverbial "cool" corporation in the industry, Microsoft would have cause for concern.

Cost Could Sway Consumer Preference

As mentioned above, cost is another deciding factor. While hardware costs have been dwindling each year, Microsoft's software prices have remained stable. If Android does prove to be the cheaper option, people might not be so hesitant to purchase a netbook with the new OS. (Source: crn.com)

While Google declined to comment on the HP/Android situation, representatives did say that Android is designed to run well on netbook-like devices.

OS defeat NOT an option for Microsoft

The bottom line is that Microsoft cannot afford to lose out to Google on the OS frontline. Google remains head and shoulders above Microsoft in terms of online search. While it's not uncommon to hear someone remark, "Google it," the thought of someone "Live Searching it" sounds unfamiliar and unlikely.

One of the fields where Microsoft still leads Google is Internet browser popularity. However, if unfavorable reports continue to build up against the new IE8 browser, look for more sleepless nights at Microsoft headquarters.

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