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Infopackets Reader Gary G. writes:

" Dear Dennis, I just bought a new computer. I'd like to know of the best product to use in order to copy files from the old computer's hard drive to the new one, then possibly delete the files off the old computer. I have looked around but am not sure of what product to buy. Can you help? "

My response:

If you want to copy some files over to your new system, your best bet is to extract the hard drive out of the old system and attach it to the new system. Although this involves opening up your PC, this is a relatively simple task. Once the drives are connected, Windows will show both drives under "My Computer" and you can simply drag and drop which files you want over to the new HD.

If you've never chained two hard drives together, you'll definitely want to have a look at my downloadable video tutorial, "How to Install a Hard Drive". In explicitly details how to install a hard drive in a computer, and explains: jumper settings, setting the BIOS to recognize the drive, and how to partition and format the drive (perfect if you want to erase the contents of the old HD and keep it in your new system as a backup unit)!

If opening up your PC scares you, consider using a program called "Move Me". Move Me can not only transfer your personal files, but can also transfer over your operating system settings *and* applications without having to reinstall anything.

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