Vista Ultimate Users Demand Free Upgrade to Win7

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When Microsoft released Windows Vista "Ultimate Edition" a while back, many users purchased the special version because of the promised "extras" not available to standard Vista users. Imagine the disappointment when Microsoft failed to live up to the hype. (Source:

Now, a group of dejected consumers are urging Microsoft to give all Vista Ultimate owners a free upgrade to Windows 7 as compensation for their trouble.

Vista Ultimate Disappointment

In 2007, amidst the anticipation and fanfare over the upcoming "Ultimate" version release of Vista, Microsoft began touting all of the "Ultimate Extras" people could expect with the special edition. According to initial reports, Ultimate Extras were to provide regular "cutting-edge programs, innovative services and unique publications." (Source:

Fast-forward to the release date, and consumers were treated with a product that showed limited add-ons and a slow release pace.

It took about five months for complaints to start rolling in and, despite pleas from Microsoft promising to pay more attention to the needs of their clients, the add-ons were slower than ever -- and releases were few and far between.

No New Updates in 8 Months

To make matters worse, Microsoft has not offered any new releases since September 2008, with the addition of three screensavers, some new sound effects and a multi-level puzzle game called Microsoft Tinker. This is hardly the "cutting-edge programs, innovative services and unique publications" promised all those months ago. (Source:

Chance to Reshape Their Public Image

However, more than a few people feel as though Microsoft still has a chance to redeem itself.

A free upgrade to Windows 7 would not only appease the angry "Vista Ultimate" consumers, but it could also help reshape the public image of Microsoft as being a compassionate company who never leaves their loyal customers stranded.

Given these economic times, Microsoft needs all of the media help it can get when battling rivals. The upgrade will not cost Microsoft dearly, considering the fact that those who purchased Vista Ultimate would probably not be inclined to go out and purchase a Windows 7 upgrade on their own, especially after being duped in the first place.

In essence, Microsoft has everything to gain and very little to lose.

Windows 7 Pricing

While the pricing for Windows 7 editions has yet to be set, Microsoft is planning to offer free or discounted upgrades to users who purchase Vista PCs after July 1. Those who purchase Vista Ultimate after that date will likely be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. (Source:

Hopefully, Windows 7 Ultimate will have more to offer than Vista Ultimate did.

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