Email IP address change?

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Infopackets Reader Marilyn W. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am absolutely desperate to find a program that will poll my Linksys router periodically and report any changes in the email address periodically. I have done some research, and while I can find lots of programs that will update a DNS server or post the new IP on an FTP or website, I can't seem to find one that will just send me an email. There is one, Keep Me Posted, but I have run into issues with it, and I have had several XP machines that it won't run on. Can you or your Readers assist? "

My response:

I was unaware of such a program, so I searched google for "email ip address change". I was then directed to a page on, which inevitably led me to a number of freeware solutions.

One program which seemed to fit the criteria was called "Gateway Monitor IP Light"; however, after installing it on my machine, I discovered that registration was required in order to send email notifications of an IP address change.

" Gateway IP Monitor Light is a tool, that is useful for users with a DSL/cable internet connection, who would like monitor their external IP address. The service monitors your external IP address by periodically connecting to a web page on the Internet ... Additional features are offered (but disabled) for advanced users, that need email notifications and further automation. Gateway IP Monitor Light sits in the system tray and reveal your current (external) IP with the click of your mouse. "

After surfing the web for an additional 30 minutes, I came up empty handed.

Help needed from Infopackets Readers

Do you know of a freeware program that is capable of reporting an IP address change via email? Please send me your solution and I'll include an update in a future edition of our newsletter.

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