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Since writing this newsletter, I have received a number of questions with respect to burning CD recordable discs. One question came from Infopackets Reader Bob T., who recently asked how it was possible to transport movie files from his computer onto his DVD player. Bob writes:

" Dennis, I have a number of .MPEG movie files that I've downloaded through Kazaa. Friends tell me it is possible to play these files using my DVD player, but I need special CD burning software to do it. Is this true? If so, what program do you recommend? "

And Infopackets Reader Sheila S. asked how to transfer .MP3 files onto CD using two different types of media formats:

" My daughter has downloaded a ton of music files to my C drive. I want to archive these files over to CD in order to reclaim space. I also read somewhere that the .MP3 files need to be converted before they can be played in a CD player. Do I have to convert each .MP3 file before I can save them to CD? "

And finally, Infopackets Reader Alberta W. asked how it was possible to transfer recipe files over to CD-R. She writes:

" I would like to backup files from my hard drive to a blank CD recordable disc. Can you tell me how to do it? I have a folder set aside on my computer full of recipes, but don't know what to do in order to get the files moved onto CD-R. What do you suggest? "

My response:

All of the questions set forth by our Readers vary greatly from one another, and yet, they all involve the same thing -- namely: burning a CD.

Many recording applications that come standard with CD burners are enough to conquer the 'basics' of CD burning, but certainly, not all applications are created equal.

To meet the requirements set forth by our Readers, one might seek a more specific application engineered specifically for an 'all-in-one' approach, called CD Mastering Software.

Unlike 'run-of-the-mill' recording applications, CD mastering software is unique because it not only provides features which are absent from basic CD burning applications, but also provides the means to create CDs using a multitude of media formats.

Nero Burning ROM Ultra Edition 6 and Easy CD Creator (now called "Easy Media Creator 7") are well-known CD Mastering applications. Both programs are jam-packed full of features and are more than capable of meeting our criteria. The caveat, however, is that both applications are pricey (retailing at the $99 dollar mark). And, although both programs provide an 'all-in-one' solution, mastering the software itself can prove to be disenchanting, especially for newbies.

Exploring Alternative Solutions

Scouring the Internet for a freeware alternative can often lead to a dead end -- especially since many "free" solutions today either come bundled with unwanted piggy-back advertising software, or just plain fail to meet the perquisites proposed by our Readers.

Finding a Middle Ground

Because Nero Burning ROM and Easy CD / Media Creator set such a high standard, finding a single application that is as equally impressive and feature-packed proved to be a difficult task. My search for such an application came to a halt, however, when I came across "CD Recording Suite 4" by Ashampoo.

What is CD Recording Suite 4?

In the great tradition of Ashampoo software, CD Recording Suite 4 makes it easy to create and copy data, video, audio and multi session CDs.

CD Recording Suite 4 is especially unique, because, unlike Nero or ECD, Ashampoo's interface is simplistic enough for newbies, yet robust to meet the demands of power users.

Features include:

  • A simple 'drag and drop' interface: Select the files you want to burn, drop them into Ashampoo CD Recording Suite, and you're ready to burn. Ashampoo CD Recording Suite is newbie-friendly because it uses a familiar Windows Explorer-style interface.
  • Burn Files and Folders: Since Ashampoo CD Recording Suite produces "multi session" CDs, you can add more files to your CD at a later time. This feature makes Ashampoo CD Recording Suite ideal for anyone who needs to make occasional backups of important data.
  • Burn Music CDs: Copy a Music CD from one disc to another; create standard music CDs (playable in a regular CD player, such as home or car stereo), or create .MP3 CDs (playable in .MP3 CD players or on the computer). Ashampoo CD Recording Suite burns .WAV, .MP3, .FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files *directly* to audio CD format without the need for confusing "plug-in" software often required by other CD burning applications.
  • Burn Movie CDs: Copy movie CDs (playable on the computer), burn movies as a Video CD [VCD] or Super Video CD [SVCD] (playable on most DVD players). Note that VCD discs are only compatible with .MPEG movie files, and not .AVI, for example.
  • Create and burn CD Images: supports .ashdisc, .CUE/BIN, and .ISO image files. CD images are typically downloaded from the Internet and are often 1 file. Burning a CD image onto disc is similar to copying an entire CD, without the need to copy 'file by file'.
  • Copy a CD: Copy and format CD from one disc to another.
  • Other features include: Set automatic burn speed; support for file names with up to 64 characters (including spaces); load and save project files, and Erase CD-RWs. Plus much more!

Ashampoo CD Recording Suite 4: Thumbs up from users

An overwhelming 93% of users voted in favor of Ashampoo CD Recording Suite 4, with over 280,000 downloads from alone since March of 2004.

Ashampoo CD Recording Suite 4: Supported CD Burners

Ashampoo supports more than 1700 CD and DVD writers, including all SCSI and ATAPI compliant devices (which happens to be 99.99% of all CD burners on the market today). For a full list of supported burners (as of 8/19/2004), click here.


Many CD burning programs are overloaded with countless confusing functions, and yet, still do not offer all the features necessary to call it a true 'all-in-one' CD Mastering solution. Ashampoo CD Recording Suite 4, on the other hand, makes life easy by providing a powerful solution to meet the demands of enthusiastic computer users, yet simple enough to use for newbies.

Ashampoo CD Recording Suite 4: Download

Compared to similar burning applications priced at $99 dollars, Ashampoo CD Recording Suite 4 is a steal at the regular price of $29.99. However, effective immediately -- and *only* available to Infopackets Subscribers -- Ashampoo has agreed to discount their amazing CD mastering suite at whopping 35% off the retail price! Buy Ashampoo CD Recording Suite through our web site today and only pay $19.50!

But hurry -- this is a limited time offer, so act now!

Update 2006/03/15: Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 has replaced Ashampoo CD Recording Suite version 4, and is available through our web site for the same discounted priced of $19.50.

Side note: Ashampoo is also currently offering WinOptimizer Platinum Suite, Uninstaller Suite, and PowerUp XP Platinum at 35% off for our Readers. To find out more, click any of the product links to read a review!

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