Win7 June Release, Leaked Memo Suggests

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Can't wait for Microsoft's Windows 7? Rumors are swirling that Best Buy may actually have a limited time early bird sale of the much-anticipated operating system.

Last week we were amongst the first to report Microsoft's official release date for Windows 7: October 22. That's significantly earlier than most of our expectations; the bulk of insiders had for a long time speculated that home and small business users wouldn't get their hands on the OS until early next year.

Best Buy Early Bird

Now there's word that Best Buy might actually make Win 7 available for purchase as early as this very month. A report from tech insiders Engadget suggests that a leaked memo from big box retailer Best Buy indicates a special two-week "presale" that would make the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade and Windows 7 Professional Upgrade available from June 26 until July 11.

The rumored prices are $49.99 for the Premium Upgrade, and $99.99 for the Professional Upgrade. The software can be purchased for these cheap prices and will then ship after October 22. (Source:

Apple Behind New Date?

Best Buy isn't even trying to hide the memo. In fact, the company proudly announced that it's "very excited about it," and that Windows 7 "isn't just a 'Vista that works' program -- it's a new operating system with improved productivity, functionality and creativity that uses less computer resources." (Source:

It seems that Best Buy will also begin offering free upgrades to Windows 7 on any new PCs purchased after June 26.

Best Buy's move could in fact be a Microsoft one, since Apple had previously announced its intent to release the new Snow Leopard OS in September, a month before Windows 7.

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