System Crash, Part 2

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It looks like I spoke too soon, shortly after announcing that my hardware nightmare was over.

After racking my brains all last week, I have finally reached a conclusion. It appears that my computer's power supply was generating incorrect voltages, causing the system to hiccup and crash spontaneously. Unfortunately, my $400 video card was also devastated due to wavering surges and also needed to be replaced. Hopefully this will be the end of my hardware troubles, as the system appears to be working 100%.

On to other news of importance.

RE: Hotmail and Yahoo mail users

A few weeks back, I confronted a major flaw in the newsletter delivery program. After making the appropriate corrections, distribution of our email newsletter was optimized from 13,000 emails an hour (previously) to a whopping 70,000 emails per hour.

Unfortunately, the sudden boost in email transmission resulted in our newsletter automatically being labeled as "Bulk Mail" when sent to Hotmail and Yahoo email users. I have since contacted the email companies and they have agreed to temporarily lift the "ban" of our newsletter, providing that Hotmail and Yahoo email users "vote" our newsletter as legitimate.

If you own a Hotmail or Yahoo email address, please take a moment to go to your Inbox (or Bulk Mail folder), highlight our newsletter, and mark it as "not spam". This is *absolutely* imperative, as all positive counts will help to ensure that our newsletter will not be redirected to a Bulk Mail folder in the future. Thank you!

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