MS Slows Piracy in China by Awarding Pirate Rebate

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It seems crime does pay, but only if enough people partake in the illegal act.

It is believed that an estimated 95 per cent of all copies of MS Office used in China come from an illegal source. In order to stabilize the piracy pandemic in China, Microsoft has slashed the price of their MS Office Suite to just $29.

While the company would not admit to condoning acts of criminal behavior outright, this is exactly the message they are sending to the rest of the world. Some critics suggest that the reduced price is a reward for years of illegal activity.  (Source:

Price a Determining Factor

Some analysts are making a viable claim that price has always been the determining factor when people choose to run an illegal copy of the software on their machines. This claim is well supported now, since Chinese Office Suite sales have jumped 800 per cent since the discounted copies were first released to the public in September. (Source:

Microsoft is probably attempting to do their share in reducing global piracy -- while also delving into a financial resource that has since remained untapped due to the existence of pirated materials.

Jealousy in North America

For those of us living in North America, it is very hard for Microsoft to justify such a worldwide price discrepancy, without sparking a bit of jealousy and anger in the process.

North American consumers have been paying regular prices for nearly two decades now (up to $400). Certainly, Microsoft should step up with a viable compromise that will please all of their consumers around the world.

Until then, MS Office alternatives like Ashampoo Office for $34.95 are extremely appealing.

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