System LifeGuard v2.0 Review

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Since writing this newsletter, I have come across a handful of noteworthy applications aimed at streamlining a Windows PC. Some of the programs I've reviewed are very particular in nature and focus primarily on one task, while others are multi-utility oriented.

What is System LifeGuard v2.0?

System LifeGuard v2.0 is a Swiss Army Knife of essential PC maintenance. Developed by NeoByte Solutions, System LifeGuard v2.0 includes a comprehensive collection of utilities designed to dramatically improve the performance of a Windows PC by safely removing junk files and folders and invalid System Registry entries. Other features include a comprehensive file organizer files, an Internet Privacy Manager, large file splitter, Windows Tweaker, remote (or local) file backup, and a disk defragmenter.

System LifeGuard v2.0: Using it on My Machine

The main window of System LifeGuard 2.0 presents six sections, including: Clean my Computer, System Configuration, Backup Data, Advanced Features, Restore Deleted Files, and System Scheduler.

System LifeGuard v2.0 uses a consistent and newbie-friendly interface for all tasks:

  1. Select the task to run
  2. Choose which Drive Letters to apply the task to (C, D drive, etc)
  3. Perform the task

System LifeGuard v2.0: extended explanation of Features

Find and deletes junk files, including: invalid program shortcut links, duplicate and large files, empty folders, and temporary files. To ensure that files are safe to delete, System LifeGuard uniquely categorizes your files into: Green (Safe Files 100% safe to delete), Yellow (Warning Files Files that need careful checking), and Red (Critical Files Files that could be vital to the efficient running of your computer). As a safety feature, accidentally deleted files can be retrieved using the Restore Deleted Files menu.

Cleans up the System Registry: over time, programs installed onto your computer can bloat the System Registry with invalid entries. Since the Registry is a major component of MS Windows, streamlining the registry can dramatically increase Windows performance. Although not as feature-rich as WinGuide's Registry Mechanic, System LifeGuard's Registry Cleaner does a fine job of thinning the registry by removing obsolete links.

Startup manager: lets you edit which programs auto start with Windows. This can significantly speed up the time it takes to boot your computer, especially if many of your installed applications have embedded themselves in the Startup without your permission.

Internet privacy protector: removes all traces of Internet activity, including historical information contained in the Internet cache (I.E.: Temporary Internet Files), and recently typed web addresses (URLs).

Compress and backup vital data: individual files or folders can be selected and compressed for storing onto a remote server or locally.

Data organizer: locates image files, music files, documents (and more), and automatically organizes files into pre-defined folders (specified by the user).

Thoroughly uninstall unwanted programs: System LifeGuard provides an uninstaller that can help safely remove a program completely from the computer.

File Splitter: Split (and join) large files into manageable chunks. Some files are too large to be stored on external medium (floppy disks, CD-R, etc); splitting the file can get around this problem.

System Scheduler: Use the built-in scheduler to automatically run the registry cleaner, Internet privacy manager, folder cleaner, application launcher, and junk file eraser at specified intervals.

System LifeGuard v2.0: Screenshots

Additional Screenshots of System LifeGuard v2.0 can be accessed here.


PC maintenance can be a daunting task, often requiring more than one specialized utility to get the job done. System LifeGuard v2.0 can not only 'clear the cobwebs' with its comprehensive list of utilities, it also provides an excellent means to preserve your system in an optimized state through its advanced System Maintenance Scheduler.

System LifeGuard v2.0: Download

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