MS Insider Exposes Secret 'Screw Google' Meetings

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According to an anonymous Microsoft insider, the company has been holding special, secret meetings with what could be the least secretive codename, ever: "Screw Google!"

As often as once a week, Microsoft is initiating what are being referred to as "Screw Google" meetings aimed at discrediting the corporate advancements of Google. Attending these meetings: a blend of Google rivals and third-party professional groups hired to develop the strategies needed to take down the current web search leader.

The leak to the public has caused more than a few Microsoft affiliates to sweat.

Law Media Group Reportedly At the Helm

One of these affiliates is Law Media Group (LMG), whose relationship with Microsoft has been suspicious from the start. LMG is a secretive outfit which Microsoft retains for issues related to "public policy and government affairs." When questioned, Law Media Group declined to comment on what services are provided to Microsoft, but did remain adamant about having never attended a "Screw Google" meeting. (Source:

According to a nameless informant, however, finding different ways to bash Google is all Law Media Group does for Microsoft. The tipster then went on to name the person at the helm of these secret meetings: Fred Humphries. Humphries works as a chief lobbyist for Microsoft in Washington, D.C.

Microsoft, Google Natural Rivals

While Humphries has yet to comment on his role in these alleged meetings, one thing is for certain: Microsoft and Google are natural rivals who are not above using underhanded tactics when flexing their corporate muscle.

Perhaps the episode that best epitomizes the extreme dislike shared by Microsoft and Google was evident when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hurled a chair across his office and screamed out "I'm going to *expletive* kill Google!" after the Google reportedly lured away a Microsoft employee in China. (Source:

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