Rumor: Microsoft to launch iPhone-Like Tablet PC

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Rumors have it that Microsoft is developing a new PC concept described as being "tablet-sized" and loaded with many touch-sensitive features.

Although the new product is reported to be in the "late prototype" stage of development, insiders believe that Microsoft is looking to attempt to attain status for their product early within the market, keeping with Windows 7 Touch technology in mind.

Tablet PC to be Named 'Courier'

The device resembles a booklet and is rumored to be named 'Courier.' The new PC concept boasts dual 7-inch screens that are touch sensitive and can be used in conjunction with a stylus. Considering the size of the device and its touch-sensitive capabilities, some argue that the tablet resembles a larger version of the iPhone. (Source:

Timing is Everything

The race to build the next smallest and most efficient computer model raises an interesting question: is it better to be the first or second company to release a new product?

On one hand, being the first allows you access to a fresh, untapped market share funded by those people who are looking for the next tech trend. Moreover, being first gives your product "original" status. Consider how many people own an Apple iPod versus the Microsoft Zune.

That said, being the second to release a new product gives you the chance to improve upon the shortcomings of the original. Also, being second allows a company to incorporate more features into the product.

This doesn't always pan out, however; take the Sony PlayStation 3, for example. The PS3 is a game console which features an incorporated Blu-Ray DVD player, yet continues to lag well behind Microsoft's Xbox 360 -- even though the 360 does not currently support Blu-Ray.

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