Change the Flag Color in MS Outlook

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A reader recently wrote:

"[A previous article that you submitted] shows how to make a custom tool bar for labeling outlook flags. The article does not tell how to get the flags to be different colors. Please advise."

My response:

Below you will find the steps to change the Flag color in MS Outlook:

  • Select the messages for which you would like the color to change.
  • Right-click the existing message flag.
  • Click the new flag color that you would like.  

Changing the Default Flag Color:

  • Changing the default flag color will apply to any new messages that you flag. Existing message flags will not automatically change to the new default flag color and will have to be manually changed to the new color.
  • Right-click the existing flag on any message.
  • On the shortcut menu, click on Set Default Flag.
  • Click the color you would like to use as the default flag color.  

I hope this has answered your question.

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