XoftSpy Spyware Tool: Legitimate or Scam?, Part 2

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Infopackets Reader Peter S. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I'd like to add my two pennyworth to your recent article on XoftSpy. I have recently tried out the software and so far have been pleased ... I [also] run Ad-Aware and Spybot regularly and I have SpywareBlaster running in the background on my machine, plus a firewall and AntiVirus software. I downloaded XoftSpy in an attempt to get rid of a persistent nasty worm (Dumaru-AM) which the other software failed to solve. I am pleased to say that XoftSpy worked well and picked up several other bugs ... This is not to say that the other programs are not good but they all work slightly differently ... [in conclusion] I shall be adding XoftSpy to my software defenses to keep the bad guys at bay. "

My response:

Noted. As I stated yesterday, I was not able to find any substantial information on the web (via Google) which indicated that XoftSpy was an effective Spyware Removal Tool; in fact, the majority of feedback I reviewed concerning XoftSpy was negative due to what appears to be unethical affiliate marketing practices of the product.

Ableit, XoftSpy may work to remove some bugs, Infopackets Reader Raymond C. appears to have found the smoking gun which may put this case to rest. He writes:

" Oddly enough, I just finished reviewing an in-depth review from PC World, entitled 'Poor Defenders' -- posted on the exact same day as your article concerning XoftSpy (November 4th, 2004). At the top of page 4, the title reads 'Disappointing Anti-Spyware Tools (chart) / Commercial products promoted in spam and pop-up ads work less well than quality freeware.' It appears that XoftSpy made the list due to the fact that it 'removes files but leaves many registry keys behind [and] exaggerates the risk of tracking cookies.' " (Source: pcworld.com)

Excellent find, and thank you for the input.

At this time I would like to once again remind users that both Webroot Spy Sweeper and PC Tools Spyware Doctor has been a very effective tools for not only removing Spyware, but preventing the attack in the first place. If you would like to find out more, read our review of Spy Sweeper; alternatively, you may also refer to the Spyware Doctor home page.

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