New Slimline Tablet PC Unveiled by OLPC

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The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) group has reportedly revealed the design for a new computer aimed at connecting children in the developing world.

The original XO-1 model, previously known as "The $100 Laptop," first went into production in 2007. The new design for the XO-3 replaces the proposed XO-2 that was first shown in 2008, but has since been scrapped by OLPC. Rumors suggest that XO-3 is a slim-line touchscreen tablet PC that will be available in 2012 and will cost less than $100.

The laptops have been designed for use by school children in remote and harsh environments and feature a sunlight readable display, powered by open source software.

XO-3 Able to Run Linux and MS Windows

Currently, the XO-1 computer has been distributed to more than 1.4 million children in 35 countries. (Source:

Originally, OLPC wanted to sell the low-cost laptops in lots of 1 million to governments in developing countries -- unfortunately, many governments balked at committing to such enormous orders.

Making the XO-3 more attractive is not only the fact that it runs both Linux and Microsoft Windows, but that it's available in single units with a cost of around $200. However, OLPC believes the new design will cost significantly less.

Saturation Fuels Development

OLPC Europe CEO Walter de Brouwer believes that these 'saturation projects' are the future of the organization in both the developed and the developing worlds. Because of the pace of technological change and the ever-decreasing price of electronics, Mr. Brouwer imagines the design selling for between 50 and 70 Euros.

According to a BBC report, the new concept for the OLPC computer shows a touchscreen, a camera, an induction charger, and a carrying ring on one of its corners. (Source:

Interim Design Set to Launch in 2011

The inner workings of the new XO-3 computer will embrace designs based on the interim XO model 1.75, including an ARM processor (a low-cost, power-efficient RISC-based processor), and is set to launch 2011.

The interim design will merge elements of the current machines with the newer technologies, such as a touchscreen, that are intended to be included with the XO-3 design.

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