Freeware Pan-And-Scan Virtual Desktop for Vista, Win7?

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Infopackets reader 'DL' writes:

" For nearly a decade I've been able to use a pan-and-scan virtual desktop in Windows 98 and XP. For clarification, a pan-and-scan virtual desktop is a desktop that actually extends beyond your monitor's maximum screen resolution to give you about twice as much real estate.

For example, when you move your cursor to the edge of the screen using a pan-and-scan virtual desktop, the screen moves to reveal more desktop. This enables you to open, say a document full page and not have to use those darned time-consuming scroll bars. It's an incredible productivity tool.

Long story short, I've been able to do pan-and-scan virtual desktop with Windows 98/XP using a 'special' trick with my ATI video card driver, but this 'trick' feature is not supported in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Do you know of a program that enables a pan-and-scan virtual desktop and that is compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7? "

My response:

I understand that a standard virtual desktop isn't what you're looking for, although some folks may be interested in this solution.

A virtual desktop allows you to click back and forth to virtual desktops (say, desktops 1, 2, 3, and 4), and allow you to have programs opened up within the maximum resolution your monitor can handle. Example:

The program you seek is different than this, because it's actually 1 massive screen that goes beyond your maximum monitor resolution.

I am currently unaware of such a program, so I'm going to ask Infopackets Readers for help.

Do you know of a program that can 'pan-and-scan' your desktop?

If so, please email me with your solution using the link below:

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