MS to Reveal Internet Explorer 9 Beta in Coming Days

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Many within the tech world are expecting Microsoft to announce a beta version of Internet Explorer 9 at the upcoming MIX 2010 conference. While nothing is yet confirmed by Microsoft, the new version of the popular browser is expected to boast improved support for open web standards.

Microsoft has in the past been criticized for not fully supporting open web standards. Considering that most Microsoft software produced is proprietary and closed source, the push towards open web standards for Internet Explorer is a huge change for the company, and many critics believe it will yield high returns for the software giant.

Open Web Standards Excel Rivals

Open web standards is one of the leading factors in the rise of third-party browsers on the market today, including Firefox, Chrome and Opera. The latter three are all regarded as having a more compliant browsing experience and better support for developers.

The MIX 2010 conference is expected to feature at least two presentations concerning more open web standards. The first is entitled "HTML5 Now: The Future of Web Markup Today" and the other session takes an inside peek at the SVG vector graphics standard. (Source:

Internet Explorer 9: Better Compatibility

The changes in Internet Explorer 9 are expected to provide a win-win situation for both web developers and the average end-user.

From the perspective of a web developer, better web standards support for browsers makes it all-the-more easier to create web sites that work on any current browser. From the perspective of the average end-user, this means having a wide range of alternative browsers without having to worry about certain sites not working properly under certain browsers. (Source:

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