Antivirus Update Forces Users To Reinstall Windows

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A problematic update for the popular BitDefender antivirus software appears to be causing quite a bit of trouble for users running 64-bit versions of Windows. Rather than save users from infection, the update released this past weekend is actually labeling important Windows files as malware threats.

"We understand your disappointment, we have solved the problem for many of our users already, and we are continuing to work relentlessly to rectify the problem for all users still affected," a BitDefender spokesperson announced Monday. (Source:

Antivirus Update Forces Users To Reinstall Windows

The problem has been extremely confusing for users of Windows 64-bit operating systems.

According to reports, the BitDefender security update identifies vital Windows files as malware and then eliminates them altogether. The deletion of critical executable files has forced many users to re-install their entire operating system and remove BitDefender.

BullGuard Antivirus Reportedly Face Similar Issues

Surprisingly, it may not be just BitDefender users affected by the issue. Other reports suggest that owners of the lesser-known BullGuard antivirus program, which is based on the same system as BitDefender and available to British users, have been experiencing similar problems. Bullguard and BitDefender forums have been riotous with angry users who want more help from the company in sorting out their broken operating systems.

BullGuard has also issued an apology, stating "We apologize for this issue that you are experiencing on behalf of the BullGuard update released yesterday for Windows 64-bit systems ... The faulty update has been removed and we are trying to help all our users that have been affected," a BullGuard spokesperson added.

Affected Users Unimpressed With Compensation

Responses by BullGuard have included offers of a free year-long subscription to their antivirus tool. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to have satisfied users affected by the glitch.

"I think it is laughable that Bullguard are offering subscription to their software as compensation for all the problems their software caused," said one forum member.

Part of the problem may be that BullGuard isn't yet ready to distance itself from the BitDefender model, stating "Based on BullGuard's own evaluations and evaluations done by external parties we have and still see BitDefender's anti-virus engine to be the best one in the market and we have still trust in BitDefender."

The issue affects users of 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Right now, users of either BullGuard or BitDefender programs who downloaded the Saturday, March 20 update are encouraged to disable the virus scanning module and install the fix, available via the BitDefender website here using the link below. (Source:

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