iPad Windows Users Targeted by New Malware Threat

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New iPad owners beware -- if you recently purchased an Apple iPad and are running Microsoft's Windows operating system on it, then take note: scammers are now trying to trick users into downloading a supposed iTunes update that is laced with malware.

According to a recent report from security firm BitDefender, emails have recently been found in the inboxes of iPad owners under the subject line "iPad Software Update". The message offers those gullible enough to click a link to a web page where they're confronted with what appears to be a very legitimate iTunes update. (Source: cnet.com)

Malware Packs Remote Code Hack, Gobbles Up Personal Data

Unfortunately, installing the software leaves iPad users running Windows with a new malware program called Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY, says BitDefender.

Once it's on a user's iPad, the malware attaches itself to the explorer.exe process. It then opens a back door that allows hackers the ability to remotely take over an iPad operating system at their convenience.

In addition, the malware will attempt to read and record critical personal data, ranging from software serial numbers to login and password information for email accounts and instant messaging programs, probably with the hope of acquiring credit card and banking information.

Macintosh, MacBook not Targeted

The threat appears to be targeting only iPad users and does not apply to owners of Apple's Macintosh desktops or MacBook laptops.

According to reports, avoiding trouble is as simple as paying close attention to the professionalism of emails soliciting such updates. It's reported that the iTunes email packing the initial link is awkwardly worded, something one wouldn't expect from a company as massive or as slick as Apple. (Source: macrumors.com)

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