Corps Still Prefer IE6, Even if it's Dangerous: Report

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New research suggests that a number of major corporations are unwilling to update their web browsers to Internet Explorer 8, instead deciding to continue the use of the ever-aging and ever-dangerous Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).

The reason for the resistance is not a question of cost; rather, companies are willing to stick it out with IE6 not only because of compatibility reasons for use with their own internal applications -- but also because Internet Explorer 6 lacks social networking features.

"Companies are happy to stay with Internet Explorer 6 because a lot of the social networking sites and the sites that they deem unnecessary for work purposes, they're not going to render and function properly within older versions of IE," says Microsoft's Australian chief security adviser Stuart Strathdee. (Source:

Instead of simply utilizing web filtering products or acceptable usage policies to prevent employees from accessing these websites, they are relying on the weaknesses and flaws of the older browser.

Sideline Security Tactic

While the decision to not use a more secure browser is highly questionable, it is actually an example of a strategy known as a "sideline security tactic".

What that means is that major companies no longer have to sit down with employees and say something along the lines of "Here's what we define as business use of our technology and here's the sites you can go to. Here's the sites we don't want you spending too much time on." (Source:

Using Internet Explorer 6 Not Recommended

Still, many security experts agree that major companies should make the move to Internet Explorer 8 because of the new, built-in security features and if necessary, find other ways to block undesirable sites. Microsoft has even come up with ways in which to make the switch an easier process for all businesses.

Whether or not businesses take Microsoft up on the offer is a different story, however.

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