Apple CEO Says Windows is Doomed

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Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs says he's predicted the steady decline of rival Microsoft's Windows operating system (OS). That swipe at Microsoft comes only a day after Google says it's phasing out MS Windows as it ramps up internal testing of its Chrome OS.

Jobs made the comments Tuesday night in an onstage interview at the D: All Things Digital conference. Jobs said he believes computers running Windows would begin a decline in popularity as people move to new platforms for their web needs: devices like the iPad, other tablet computers, or smartphones.

Apple CEO Compares PCs to Big Old Trucks

Jobs even went so far as to compare the standard Windows PC with motorized trucks, which he said were at their height when people lived on farms, but have faded in importance as people have moved to cities and suburbs.

Although the logic of his analogy seems questionable, other industry experts agree with Jobs on the decline of Windows PCs. "He is pretty clear about 'it's over', and it is," said DreamWorks chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberger. (Source:

Katzenberger agreed that people in the future will rely less on Windows, noting that he'd personally started using an Apple iPad and RIM BlackBerry combination rather than a laptop.

Windows Security Issues: a Top Concern

Jobs' attack on Windows comes only a day after Google said it would stop using the ubiquitous OS. The company reportedly cited security concerns, though it's likely the announcement was more of an attempt to build up hype over Google's own Chrome OS. Chrome will begin debuting on netbooks soon, with plans for use on regular laptops to follow. (Source:

Jobs also cited security concerns in suggesting the future decline of Windows. He added that less-than-stellar battery life and poor user experiences will force the Windows PC out of its market dominance.

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