Microsoft Mulls Kinect Price Drop, says Report

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At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last week, Microsoft and Sony touted their upcoming motion-control gameplay devices, the Kinect and Move. Coming almost four years after Nintendo started the motion-sensitive movement with its Wii, one analyst says hype for the Sony and Microsoft devices is "relatively low."

The report comes from analysts at EEDAR, who, in the wake of major E3 performances by both Microsoft and Sony, say that while hardcore gamers are interested in Move and Kinect, many casual gamers are not. Worse yet, EEDAR analysts think that even though hardcore gamers are following news about the new devices, they're not likely to go to stores and spend money on them after each is released this fall.

Interest "Relatively Low" for Kinect, Move

EEDAR, which ranks "purchase intent" for devices like the Kinect and Move, said both "ranked relatively low" on the company's charts. That means it missed the top-20 list for popular electronics shipping in the coming year. (Source:

Even lousier news is in store for Sony, since EEDAR notes that Kinect is generating more interest amongst most gamers. The reason is simple: more people own Microsoft-manufactured Xbox 360s, the device needed in order to use Kinect.

EEDAR bases its study on traffic at, a popular gaming site. Analysts have noted that interest amongst gamers should increase as both devices near their ultimate release.

Price Drop Could Revive Popularity

What might help turn the up the heat are rumors that Microsoft may be considering a price drop for Kinect before it even launches. Rumors this morning suggest that the device's street price could dip from $150 to $120, a move that would put serious pressure on Sony to push down the price of its Move. (Source:

According to gaming blog Xbox Evolved, while retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart have Kinect pre-orders listed at $150, an unnamed Microsoft spokesperson suggested the price could actually be $30 lower.

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