Flying Car a Reality; to Ship by 2011 (Pics)

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A new invention threatens to completely redefine the modern traffic commute. Terrafugia, the Massachusetts producer of the flying car, says it has plans to launch its contraption -- dubbed the 'Transition' -- by the end of 2011. A recent thumbs-up from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) means the idea of an air commute might not be so sci-fi after all.

The Next 'Wow' Vehicle

"It's the next 'wow' vehicle," said Richard Gersh, Terrafugia's vice president. "Anybody can buy a Ferrari, but as we say, Ferraris don't fly." (Source:

The Transition works by activating wings that unfold at the touch of the button. According to Terrafugia, the process takes about a minute, and can fold back into the body just as quickly in order to resume driving. The propeller is located in the rear of the vehicle.

Runway Required

Thus far, the device has been marketed as a plane first, car second. Why? Because those interested in owning one will need their very own runway -- not something the average worker has in their backyard. Still, the company has followed its campaign for FAA approval with a similar attempt to pass National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines.

The targeted audience for Transition is the private pilot -- the guy (or girl) that hates leaving their car at the airport. Terrafugia say the Transition makes it easy for a pilot to use just a single mode of transportation to get to their destination.

Big Price Tag Brings Big Parachute

The Transition sells for just under $200,000, but boasts plenty of handy features, including a radio, transponder, GPS and even a full-plane parachute, which Terrafugia calls "the ultimate safety option." (Source:

Seventy orders have been placed for the Transition thus far.

Images of Terrafugia Transition Flying Car

We have collected images of the Terrafugia Transition from various sources on the web. They can be viewed online our site using the link below:

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