Microsoft Criticizes Google's Customer Care Initiatives

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Microsoft has recently attacked Google in what critics say is the latest shot fired in the ongoing battle between the two companies. Microsoft openly criticized Google for their lack of customer support services.

Microsoft has a reputation of offering consistent support via phone, email and online community sites like Microsoft Answers. Google, however, does little to offer support for their customers -- at least, according to Microsoft.

Barbara Gordon, Microsoft corporate vice president of customer service and support, offered the following rhetorical questions as it relates to Google-based support: "When was the last time [the consumer] called Google for help recovering a lost Google Doc? Were you even able to find a number? My guess is no." (Source:

Microsoft Says Office is Reliable and Secure

Microsoft has been increasing efforts to accentuate all of the weaknesses associated with Google. The Redmond-based firm often cites reliability and security issues, hidden operational costs, and document fidelity as reasons why Office 2010 is superior to Google Docs.

Analysts like Daniel Duffy, CEO of Valley Network Solutions in Fresno, California, believe that customer support is just the topic Microsoft needs to exude their superiority in the tech game. According to Duffy, "Bringing support into the discussion could offer Microsoft the edge it seeks."

Duffy goes on to promote the depth of Microsoft's customer support strategy: "Microsoft has an army of partners that are on the front lines supporting their customers, providing local service and the all-important 'facetime' that Google simply cannot keep up with. We strongly believe that tightly integrated services offered by both Microsoft and our channel partners, the completeness of these offerings and the return on investment for our customers are what differentiate our offerings from our competitors." (Source:

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