Facebook Integrated with Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft has made keeping in touch with friends a one-click experience now that it has integrated Facebook features with its Outlook email program. Users can view the photos, status updates, and wall posts of fellow contacts who are also members of the social networking site.

The move is a big one for both Facebook -- now the world's most-visited site -- and Microsoft Outlook, traditionally one of the world's most popular email programs. Microsoft is calling the new plug-in the Outlook Social Connector, and it follows similar Microsoft mash-ups involving less outstanding social networking sites LinkedIn and MySpace earlier this year.

Limited Facebook Functionality

Users who download the plug-in (which will likely be public enemy #1 for most company IT departments) won't have full access to Facebook functionality. Although they can do a lot of viewing of statuses, photos and wall posts, they can't "Like" anything or make their own updates. They'll have to visit Facebook for that, a measure the site's management surely prefers. (Source: pcworld.com)

Outlook is not exactly a pioneer in this realm, with Yahoo Mail and Hotmail introducing similar Facebook features back in the spring. However, Outlook marks a different path, since most U.S. companies use the email program and about half of all businesses ban both Facebook and Twitter during work hours. A Facebook-integrated Outlook is going to present problems for many a manager.

Facebook Faces Monumental Lawsuit

That's good news for Facebook, which needs all it can get after a website designer recently claimed an 84 per cent share of the company's ownership. Paul Ceglia says a 2003 agreement legitimizes his claim, which has since produced a temporary restraining order. Facebook management has 30 days to respond. (Source: informationweek.com)

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