One in Six WinXP Users Plan Windows 7 Upgrade, Poll Says

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According to a new poll by tech blog PC Advisor, just one in every six users of Windows XP plan an upgrade to Microsoft's newest operating system (OS), Windows 7.

WinXP SP2 Cut-Off Causes Concern

PC Advisor's poll was based on Microsoft's recent deadline to end active support for Windows XP Service Pack 2, or SP2. That leaves fans of Windows XP who want and need security updates and support for their systems the option of upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (which should continue to receive support until at least 2014) or a newer operating system, like Windows 7, released last October.

For those unfamiliar with the terminology, a Service Pack ("SP") is a collection of updates, fixes and/or enhancements to a software program delivered in the form of a single installable package.

Just under one in six, or 15.4 per cent, of respondents said they would upgrade to Windows 7. Even fewer, 5.7 per cent, said they'd stick with their current version of Windows XP, SP2 or an earlier Service Pack. About 5.1 per cent said they'd make the upgrade to Windows XP SP3. (Source:

Most Respondents Happy with XP SP3

The vast majority of XP users, 60.2 per cent, had already made the jump to Service Pack 3 and are happy with it. Word that Microsoft would continue to support that version of Windows XP until at least 2014 has them comfortable with that decision.

Only 1.3 per cent of those participating in the study said they planned an upgrade to Windows Vista.

About 7.5 per cent of respondents said they didn't know about the termination of support for XP SP2 while another 4.8 per cent reported they have other upgrade plans -- perhaps to Apple or Android. (Source:

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