MS Pushes New Bing 'Search Rewards'

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Less than two months after retiring the Bing Cashback Rewards program on July 30th, 2010, Microsoft has reappeared on the radar with revamped offering.

Dubbed "Bing Search Rewards", the scheme uses credits (instead of the previously-used cash rebates), as an incentive for those who conduct their online searches with their search engine, Microsoft Bing.

Use Bing Search and Get Credits

The idea of a rewards-based programs was always near and dear to the heart of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who often spoke on the idea of giving people a reason to use a particular search engine.

The repackaged rewards promotion will offer users credits, which can be redeemed for a variety of items such as DVDs, cookware, restaurant gift certificates, digital cameras and luggage.

Earn, Redeem Credits at "Bing Bar"

To be eligible to receive Bing Rewards, users must first download the 'Bing Bar,' and sign in to the promotion with their Windows Live ID. The Bing Bar shows offers that allow users to earn credits and also keeps a running total of all credits accumulated to date. (Source:

Bing users can earn credits in a number of ways. In addition to the standard search feature, setting Bing as your default search engine and trying out new Bing features can earn a user credits. Even signing up for Bing Rewards will net a user 250 credits (enough to purchase some of the cheaper items available).

In addition to physical goods, users can redirect their credits to make donations to select charities (100 credits equals $1). Credits can also be exchanged for Microsoft Points to make Xbox and Zune purchases. (Source:

US-based Trial Run for Program

As it stands, Bing Rewards is available exclusively in the U.S., with Microsoft calling it a 'preview' for a possible advertising push sometime in the near future (dependent on how well received the promotion is this second time around).

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