More Windows 8 Details Emerge; Cloud a Cornerstone

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Although Microsoft is working hard to keep the public's attention squarely on Windows 7, it seems that the Redmond-based giant can't quite keep the lid closed on burgeoning Windows 8 hype. More details about the next Microsoft operating system (OS) have recently emerged, and they suggest even more integration with cloud-based services than in the past.

By no means has Microsoft been forward with details about Windows 8, which analysts have pegged for a 2012 release. The firm has every reason to keep consumers interested in its current OS, Windows 7, given than reviews and sales are both hot right now (to the tune of 240 million licenses since October 22, 2009).

So, it's little surprise then that the most recent Windows 8 rumors have come through the hard work of industry analysts, and not from any Microsoft press release.

Microsoft Job Postings Tell the Tale

It's a pair of job postings that tell the story. This was found on the unofficial Windows 8 blog (but is no longer available) related to an opening for a Windows Server position. The quote itself was forwarded from a reputable source. "We are currently working on a Windows Azure-based service and integrating with certain Microsoft online services and Windows 8 client backup." (Source:

Earlier this week Microsoft made a similar post on its career page in search of a Windows Live systems engineer. It read:

"We are a growing team with a strategic and highly visible charter helping to build and operate some of Microsoft's most strategic Internet assets. Our service supports hundreds of millions of users, who exchange billions of instant messages, photos and email each day, and store billions of contact relationships in our service. We live the life of 'software and a service' every day, at high scale and you will play a pivotal role as we integrate our online services with Windows 8." (Source:

That posting has also since disappeared.

Cloud Could be the Heart of Windows 8

Integration between Windows and online services is by no means new, but experts are suggesting that these postings suggest a new dynamic with Windows 8. It's likely, they say, that a cloud computing-based experience won't just be supported by Windows 8, but will be at the heart of the new OS' design.

None of this information is surprising. Back in late June, leaked plans mentioned the possibility of a "Windows Store" in Windows 8, with downloadable apps in the same vein as the Apple App Store.

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