Security Experts Warn Bin Laden News, Images Tainted with Malware

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There's no doubt that many are curious to know more details of Osama Bin Laden's recent demise. Security experts, however, are warning that clicking on some links related to that subject may end up getting your PC infected with malware.

"I suppose this was just inevitable," said McAfee Labs' director of security research, Dave Marcus. "The reported death of Osama Bin Laden is just too good a lure for cybercriminals and scammers to pass up." (Source:

Emails, Google, Facebook Tainted with Infected Links

Lucas was referring to a number of emails now circulating the web that use links (supposedly connecting people to photos of Bin Laden's corpse) to dupe them into downloading malware. Such a photo has yet to be released by the US government -- and even so, that topic is still under debate.

Thus, security experts are stressing that now more than ever, PC users need to take extra caution in clicking on links arriving from unknown sources.

But the problem doesn't stop with email. Reports also suggest that Google Image files have been laced with malware in an attempt to catch PC users looking for photos of Bin Laden's demise. Social media is also being targeted.

Websites Selling Fake Merchandise Extract Personal Info

Kapersky Labs researchers say they've seen a rise in ads looking to defraud users on Facebook in recent days, as cybercriminals lure users to websites with supposed merchandise celebrating Bin Laden's death. Users who've clicked on these ads have been redirected a few times, at each stop being asked to provide one more important tidbit of personal information.

In response to these threats, security experts are emphasizing that everyone should stick to reliable news sites in searching out news.

Bin Laden Death Credited for US Stock Spike

Bin Laden's death is being celebrated by more than just hackers, however, and has also been credited with a recent spike in U.S. stocks.

"It's a short-term positive across the board both for domestic and international export-oriented companies," said Shawn Price, Senior Portfolio Manager at Navellier & Associates Inc.

"We will get a broad relief rally because a world villain has been taken down. Whether it's a true or false sense of security, the average American will feel more safe now, feel better about the economy and the market." (Source:

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