Windows 8 to Bring Strong iPad Competitors: Analyst

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In a new report, a J.P. Morgan analyst says it's unlikely a serious contender for Apple's iPad tablet will emerge until after the release of Windows 8. Such a prediction comes only weeks after a purported iPad rival, the Hewlett-Packard (HP) TouchPad, essentially bowed out of the race.

TouchPad Failure Re-Affirms iPad Dominance

Underlying the failure of HP's touchpad was a re-affirmation of Apple's power in this emergent market. The TouchPad was once considered a serious competitor for the iPad, and in only a few months' time, it was completely obliterated.

HP's failure hasn't convinced other companies to give up on the lucrative tablet market, but it feels like no one really believes Lenovo, Research in Motion (RIM), Samsung or Acer are capable of taking down Apple.

Apple iPad Makes up 70% Of Sales

Reinforcing that position this week was J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, who in a new report predicts that Apple tablets will account for more than 70 per cent of sales during this fiscal year. (Source:

In essence, no one's yet ready to challenge the iPad.

"We are still awaiting the emergence of a clear No. 2 player, though this may not happen until the launch of Windows 8 in [the second half of] 2012," Moskowitz noted in his report. (Source:

Given this lack of competition, Moskowitz reduced his overall sales forecast for the tablet market in 2012 by 5 per cent, down to 72.4 million units.

Amazon Tablet a Likely Challenger for iPad

So, who does Moskowitz believe will emerge a strong challenger for the iPad? That competition, it seems, could come from Amazon, which is expected to reveal an Android-based tablet in late 2011.

"While the [Android Operating System] is likely to remain a weak spot on an Amazon device, we believe the brand name, content and distribution capabilities of Amazon pose risks to Apple's dominance of the tablet market," Moskowitz added.

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