Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2011 Review

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Update 2011/09/20: save 50% off the full retail price of Webroot Internet Security Essentials (WISE) -- regular $59.95, now only $29.95 USD. This deal expires Friday, Sept 30, 2011 at 11:59PM EST -- so don't wait! This is an excellent deal on excellent software. Included is a 30 day money back guarantee. Proceeds support our site! Read on to find out if WISE is for you!

Is it time to renew your security software subscription? Are you unsatisfied with your current coverage?

In that case, it might be worth taking a closer look at Webroot Internet Security Essentials, which is currently being offered at a whopping 50% -- but only for the next 8 days (ending Sept 30, 2011).

Read on to find out what we think of Webroot's take on security software, dubbed "Internet Security Essentials".

Readers Question: What is The Best Internet Security Program I Can Buy?

One of the most frequent questions asked at Infopackets is "What's the best security program out there right now?"

It's a valid question, but the answer quite frankly depends on the person asking the question.

For example: some users want all the protection they can get without having to understand the techy talk. Others want as minimal interaction / minimal protection as possible, and without it causing the computer to slow down.

So now you know there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer -- exactly how does Webroot Security Essentials stack up? Read on to find out if this program would work best for you.

Spy Sweeper Technology Amongst Web's Best

Webroot Internet Security Essentials contains the very same antispyware protection used by Spy Sweeper (which is also made by Webroot).

Spy Sweeper has been around since 2002 and is widely considered online to be amongst the best security software available on the web.

Spy Sweeper is a major seller and has won a number of awards for its ability to detect new types of spyware, adware and other threats.

Having Spy Sweeper technology on board is a major boost for Webroot Internet Security Essentials.

Internet Security Essentials "Learns" User Activity to Better Protect PC

Webroot is also widely known for keeping its security software up-to-date, and that's no different with Security Essentials.

Users can expect to find their PCs constantly updated in order to protect against the latest versions of various worms, Trojans, rootkits and keylogging threats. These are the most nasty of nastiest things you can have on your PC and WISE not only eliminates them - it prevents them from getting on your PC in the first place with Real-Time protection.

Webroot boasts that Internet Security Essentials is able to "learn" more about a user's activity in order to better protect against different issues

In other words, Security Essentials is able to adapt to a user's online activity in order to determine what kinds of threats are most likely to attack his or her PC.

Software Backup a Convenient Option

Webroot Internet Security Essentials also offers an online backup feature that allows users to quickly and easily store files online. Yes, it's all about cloud computing -- using the web to keep important data safe from what ails a PC.

Webroot Internet Security Essentials allows its users to schedule regular online backups of various kinds of files, including photographs, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents, so that even if one forgets to manually back up the system those files are stored away safe.

Of course, online storage also means that those files can be accessed from a different computer when away from home -- and that's a huge convenience, if you ask me.

Webroot Internet Security Essentials: Trying it on My Machine

Although there are so many features jam-packed into this program, the interface is very easy to understand.

The program is very organized and easy to follow -- even for beginners. The new user interface is simple yet functional, and pretty well hands off unless you want to tweak the settings.

Color-coded status and icons are easy to interpret. The whole program changed color to notify me of the issue when a thread has been detected, and most of the case, I could fix the issues by a single click.

I also really liked that the software integrated easily in my web browser and can report back in near real-time which websites are considered malicious when doing a search.

Each result from the search engine is flagged with a color-coded security status. This part of the program is referred to as the Secure Browser Manager. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Just one thing I should mention here is to consider carefully before accepting auto-renewal option.

Thirty days before expiring, you will get a reminder on your screen. the only options are to "Renew Now" or "Learn More". You can opt out of the automatic renewal function from "Lean More" but this could be a extra trouble for some people.


Webroot Internet Security Essentials is available for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 but can also be used with Windows XP SP2, SP3, and Windows Vista (all versions).


For a limited time, Webroot's Internet Security Essentials can be had at a whopping 50% off -- that's a great deal, indeed.

The Spy Sweeper technology is amongst the web's best, while constant updates keep users safe from a long list of new and ever more menacing threats.

But what really sets this program apart from the competition might just be the little things: offering an automatic online backup feature means that even if a PC is infected, important files stay safe.

Of course, they're also accessible from anywhere. Webroot Internet Security Essentials is really easy to use and can be installed in just a few minutes.

Also great for consumers is the fact that Webroot offers Free U.S.-based phone support if any problems or questions arise.

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