Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dies at Age 56

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Apple co-founder, chairman and former CEO Steve Jobs died yesterday (October 5th, 2011) at the age of 56. Arguably, Steve Jobs was one of the single most important figures in the tech industry during the last decade, and will leave a big hole to fill for the Cupertino-based firm.

In 2004, Steve Jobs announced that he was struggling with a tumor in his pancreas, and though the initial prognosis was poor, surgery appeared to successfully remove the cancer.

In recent years Jobs had been forced to step in and out of the limelight due to the nagging illness. Early Wednesday night Apple released a statement announcing Jobs' death, which reports suggest was due to complications of pancreatic cancer.

Over the last seven years, however, Jobs' health has been a constant focus for the media, even though he often appeared relatively healthy and robust in Apple presentations. (Source:

Steve Jobs: A Visionary and Creative Genius

Despite Jobs' valiant fight against the illness, earlier this year he was forced to resign his post as CEO, taking on the lesser duties of company chairman. Jobs was rarely spotted in public this past summer.

Nevertheless, the passing of Steve Jobs has sent not just the tech media but the entire world into a state of shock. Thousands of news sources have devoted round-the-clock coverage to commemorating the Apple co-founder's accomplishments.

The New York Times called Jobs a "visionary" responsible for leading a "cultural transformation in the way music, movies, and mobile communications were experienced in the digital age."

Halfway around the world, The Times of India repeated that word which seems to capture Jobs so eloquently: "visionary."

Obama: Jobs "Among the Greatest of American Innovators"

Many notable figures have also stepped forward to share their thoughts on Jobs' lifetime of achievements. Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple alongside Jobs, said he was dumb-founded by news of the death, adding that "It's kind of like when John Lennon died [or] JFK. It's like there's a big hole left in you."

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, himself a visionary, announced that he "will miss Steve immensely." Even U.S. President Barack Obama weighed in, saying in a statement: "Michelle and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs... Steve was among the greatest of American innovators -- brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it." (Source:

Steve Jobs is survived by his wife Laurene and four children.

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