Tenebril LifeGuard 3.0 Review

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Synopsis: How do you manage your personal information? Do you back it up once a day, once a week, once every month? Never? The fact is: system crashes happen, viruses strike, and Spyware is difficult to avoid. You may not think about backing up important documents every day, but when you need it -- you *really* need it! Introducing Tenebril Lifeguard 3.0 -- an automated backup solution designed to take the guesswork out of protecting your data. Don't get caught without it!

LifeGuard 3.0: How it works

Lifeguard is designed to blend power with ease of use. Its document-centric interface lets you choose what you want to back up without forcing you to find your files. Lifeguard is compatible with the major email clients, so it can back up your emails directly. Lifeguard's filtering lets you back up only what you need, and is powerful enough to look inside emails and documents. LifeGuard is perfect for people on the go, and especially for laptop owners!

LifeGuard 3.0: Backup Media Support

Lifeguard supports more media than any other backup tool. With Lifeguard, you can back up your data to CDs, DVDs, Zip drives, USB pen drives, removable disks, an FTP account. Lifeguard even comes with its own network server, so you can back up all the computers in your home or office to one place! And with Lifeguard's Internet Backup Service, you can securely store your information on Tenebril's servers for access from anywhere, at any time.

LifeGuard 3.0: Feature Drilldown

  • Data Compression: saves backup media by compressing your data as it's backed up)
  • Encryption: up to 256-bit encryption makes virtually impossible for anyone to read your backed up data if they ever got ahold of it
  • Backup Scheduler: schedule your backups daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Disk Spanning: fits all your backed up data evenly on multiple discs so you don't waste backup media
  • Real time size estimations: tells you how long it will take to complete the backup
  • Backup Reporting: tells you which files were backed up, or any errors encountered)
  • Document-centric interface: easy to locate specific files, even if you don't know where the files are located on your computer (example: backup all Document files located on your C drive)
  • Backup validation: verifies that backup is restorable after it is written to media
  • Incremental backup: Save backup media; for example: if you backup the same files on another day and certain files haven't been modified, then they will not be backed up (again) because this would waste backup media
  • Email notifications: when backup is complete, you can receive an email notification
  • Backup statistics: tells you how much media was required, time to backup, etc
  • "File Grouping" on restore: choose only .DOC files to restore, for example
  • Back up emails from Outlook / Express, and Eudora
  • Back up contacts from Outlook / Express, and Eudora
  • Back up chat conversation from Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ
  • Back up Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera bookmarks
  • Back up to local or network drive
  • Back up to FTP or secure Internet account
  • Back up to CD-R/CD-RW, DVD, or ZIP drive (and more)
  • Comes with backup server
  • Email filtering (backup only emails "from")
  • File filtering (backup by file size, type, etc)
  • Music filtering (backup by author, artist, etc)
  • Restore specific files or folders

LifeGuard 3.0: Compatibility

LifeGuard 3.0 works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP

LifeGuard 3.0: Take a Virtual Tour

To see LifeGuard 3.0 in action, click here (opens a new Browser Window).

LifeGuard3.0: Download

LifeGuard 3.0 is free to try and $49.95 to buy.

Download LifeGuard 3.0 | Buy

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