New Samsung Camera Features Dual Screens, WiFi

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A new Samsung camera allows users to see photos on both the front and back of the screen, and upload images directly to the Internet. The Samsung DV300F is the newest of the firm's DualView cameras, and features built-in WiFi (wireless networking) capabilities.

Samsung says pictures taken with the DV300F can be saved to the on-board microSD memory card and then easily transferred to a PC with an Auto Backup capability.

In addition, both videos and photographs from the DV300F can be transferred directly to the web, including cloud storage services like Microsoft SkyDrive, as well as to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and YouTube. (Source:

DualView Features 1.5-Inch Front-Mounted LCD Display

The Samsung DV300F is attracting a lot of attention because of its pioneering "dual screen" design.

The main screen is mounted in the traditional spot (on the back of the camera), along with a 1.5-inch front-mounted LCD display. This allows the DV300F to give those being photographed a glimpse of what the upcoming shot will look like. The front-mounted screen is also particularly useful for nights on the town, when you may well wish to take pictures of yourself.

The camera itself is full-featured, offering an incredibly detailed 16 megapixel resolution, a 25mm wide-angle lens, and a 5X optical zoom.

Troubled Camera Market Needs DV300F Innovations

Industry experts say the kind of innovative design found in the Samsung DV300F is what hardware developers must offer to lure consumers away from smartphones that feature passable camera technology and back toward traditional narrow-purpose cameras.

Most folks prefer to carry just one or two gadgets with them at all times, and usually that includes a smartphone with a built-in camera. The problem is that most smartphones are limited to cameras that take decent (or sub-par) photographs, rather than detailed high-resolution images.

The best part: Samsung's cutting-edge DualView DV300F is available for just $199.

Dual View Camera Available March 2012

Samsung believes its new dual-view camera is a step in the right direction.

"This latest model" the company noted in a recent statement, "with the DualView LCD, WiFi, ultra premium styling and the latest creative features, demonstrates Samsung's unwavering commitment to innovation within the digital compact camera market, as well as our ability to consistently meet the needs of our customers." (Source:

The Samsung DualView DV300F will debut in March, 2012.

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