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In today's world of Spyware threats and other Internet nasties, not knowing what is running silently in the background of your computer can be a serious problem.

Unfortunately, Task Manager [CTRL + ALT + DEL] isn't helpful in reporting which processes are critical to your system, which ones can be terminated safely, and is horrible at troubleshooting problematic and suspect tasks.

So how do you know "what's what"?

Introducing WinTasks 5 Professional: the Ultimate Task Manager

WinTasks 5 Professional is a state-of-the-art Task Manager replacement designed to enhance your computer's performance, all the while protecting your PC against potential security threats.

Awarded the prestigious Editor's Choice Award by and given a 5-star rating from PC Magazine, WinTasks 5.0 Professional is a perfect complement to any PC users' lineup of security software.

WinTasks 5 Professional: How it works

By simply hovering the mouse over a task, WinTasks provides detailed information about the processes that are running on your PC. Using WinTasks, you can find out what a process is used for, it's role to the Operating System [critical / non-critical task], threat level [if any], and more.

Most importantly: WinTasks provides the necessary tools to eliminate any program that may disrupt, damage, slow down, or potentially crash your system.

WinTasks 5 Professional: Sample Screenshots

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WinTasks 5 Professional: Features Drill-Down

  • Take Full control of your PC: WinTasks 5.0 Professional allows you to take charge of your PC by providing you with comprehensive and detailed information. Take action to improve overall performance and boost security!
  • Added Layer of Protection: Coupled with your anti-virus, Spyware and firewall software, WinTasks provides you with an extra layer of security to help keep your PC protected against Spyware, malware, and other Internet nasties.
  • Dramatically Improve Performance: WinTasks 5.0 Professional allows you to stop or block all unnecessary processes, clean your computer of residues from uninstalled programs, prevent annoying popups, and tweak your system to achieve the best performance levels.
  • Exceptionally Simple to Use: Quickly learn how to use WinTasks 5.0 Professional and take charge completely -- regardless of skill level.
  • Stay Up to Date: The process library of WinTasks is continually updated online, so you'll always stay up to date with the latest threats!


WinTasks User Interface is simple to use and highly intuitive. The online manual explains all of WinTasks functions in detail, while providing essential process information.

Designed with ease of use in mind, WinTasks provides essential and comprehensive information about tasks that lurk in the background. Whether you're new to Windows or a Systems Administrator, using WinTasks can dramatically improve upon your PC's security and performance. Download WinTasks Professional, today! --

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