'The Gimp 2.6.12', and 'Kestrel GX 1.2.2'

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The Gimp 2.6.12

The Gimp is an open-source, cross-platform (Apple, Windows, Linux) photograph enhancement and digital retouching program that has been developed for a number of years. The Gimp enables you to quickly and easily improve your pictures. For example, you can easily compensate for many different digital photo imperfections, such as perspective distortion caused by lens tilt. Just choose the corrective mode in the transform tools. You can also eliminate lens' barrel distortion with the included filter. And there's much more. Highly recommended.


Kestrel GX 1.2.2

Kestrel GX is a free photo organizer / viewer / editor that greatly simplifies managing and editing your digital photos. The software supports more than 20 different photo formats. Kestrel GX is a complete workflow tool packed with lots of features that will be useful for both amateur and professional photographers.


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