Meta Commander File Manager Pro Review

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Synopsis: Have you ever wondered why the 'Open' and 'Save As' windows *always* seem to open in the wrong folder whenever you're working on something (such as a document)? The next thing you have to do is figure out where you last opened your file, so that you can attain it once more. And what a pain in the butt that is! If you hate having to navigate through all those folders again and again, then you'll absolutely love 'Meta Commander File Manager Pro'! With its straightforward single-click technology, Meta Commander File Manager Pro allows you to access any file or folder on your computer, copy or move files and folders, run popular applications as well as your preferred programs -- all with just *one* click! It's so intuitive, it makes you wonder why Microsoft didn't think of this sooner!

Meta Commander File Manager Pro: How it Works

Unlike simple "Favorite folders" applications, Meta Commander file manager will completely change the way you work with file and folders. Simply navigate through your folders without clicking them by moving your mouse pointer exactly as you navigate through your programs (similar to the "Start" button).

Meta Commander seamlessly integrates with the Windows Explorer shell, so that it can be started from anywhere (and everywhere!) you need it -- all with a right click of your mouse. Start it by clicking on your desktop, MS Explorer, or by right-clicking in the "Open" and "Save" dialogues -- and even by right-clicking on anything that shows files and folders!

Meta Commander File Manager Pro: Features Drilldown

  • Open folder in new Explorer window
  • Open folder in new window of an external program
  • Change folder in the current Explorer window
  • Change folder in current Total Commander window
  • Change folder in standard 'Open' or 'Save As' dialog windows
  • Configurable virtual folders for grouping files basing on filename and extension
  • Open document (file)
  • Open files with your favorite application
  • Run a program modifying the 'Run' window parameters
  • Most recently used folders list (folder access History support)
  • 'Favorites' folders list
  • Customizable program appearance

Meta Commander File Manager Pro: Download

Meta Commander File Manager Pro is free to try and $19.90 to buy.

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