Microsoft's Azure Show Prompts Outrage, Apologies

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Microsoft has apologized for one of its software presentations that went beyond tongue-in-cheek all the way to borderline obscene.

The show, which included adult-oriented song lyrics and dancing girls, was presented at the Norwegian Developers Conference in Oslo.

The presentation was supposed to be about promoting cutting-edge advances in Microsoft's Azure cloud computing system.

Before the show got into the technical mumbo-jumbo, however, its organizers attempted to grab the audience's attention with some risque dancing and house music.

Lewd Song Fails to Impress Audience

The song chosen for the Microsoft event was on the cusp of being obscene. Catching the attention of both audience members and the worldwide media was the following included lyric:

"The words MICRO and SOFT don't apply to my [body part]."

Reportedly, the words also appeared on a giant video screen. (Source:

Many of the software developers in the audience were not amused at the language used. They expressed their opinions on the Internet, using the social network Twitter.

Tweeted one programmer: "For those not here, we had flashing disco lights, bad lyrics about [body parts], disco beats and dancing azure girls, so cringeworthy."

"Wow, [Microsoft], this music thing is probably the most embarrassing I've ever seen and heard," someone else posted.

Microsoft Apologizes for "Inappropriate" Show

Reviews of that kind eventually forced Microsoft to make a public apology for the event.

"This week's Norwegian Developer's Conference included a skit that involved inappropriate and offensive elements and vulgar language," the company admitted. (Source:

"We apologise to our customers and our partners and are actively looking into the matter."

Of course, some in the audience enjoyed the show without taking offense.

"I think this is hilarious and awesome," posted YouTube user, "basslin3r". "Conferences are usually so dull and boring. They were obviously having a laugh. Love it." (Source:

So far, the video (which can be seen by clicking here) has received more worldwide "Likes" on YouTube than "Dislikes".

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