Amazon Kindle Leads Android Charge Against Apple

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According to a new survey, almost one in every three American Internet users owns a tablet computer of some kind. If the trend continues, by next year nearly half of U.S. web users will own an Internet device in this category.

The report also showed that Amazon's affordable Kindle Fire tablet has Android surging in popularity. That means Apple's share of the market appears to be in serious decline.

The survey was performed by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), which summarized the results in a report stating that tablet adoption is "exploding" among American Internet users.

Tablet Ownership Nearly Triples in One Year

If the OPA's numbers are accurate, it's hard to argue with that assertion. The OPA says its survey shows that tablet computer use increased from 12 per cent of Internet users in 2011 to 31 per cent this year.

The OPA also projects that approximately 47 per cent of U.S. Internet users will own tablets by summer 2013. (Source:

The OPA report is based on a survey of just over 2,500 U.S. web users between the ages of eight and sixty-four. It was conducted during the period from March 19 to March 26.

Besides providing stats on overall tablet use, the OPA report also breaks down consumer preferences. It shows that 52 per cent of tablet owners have an iPad, while 51 per cent said they use an Android device like a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Because some respondents own more than one tablet device, the numbers add up to more than 100 per cent.

Kindle Sales Fuel Android Challenge

That kind of market penetration should be troubling for Apple, which seems to be losing its grip on the market. Last year, OPA's 2011 report showed that 72 per cent of tablet owners used the iPad, while only 32 per cent owned an Android tablet.

Apple's lead has been cut from 40 per cent to about one per cent.

One big reason for Android's surge in popularity, according to the OPA report: the release of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet. It runs the Android mobile operating system, and is priced at $199.

The survey also revealed that tablets are most popular among relatively affluent consumers. The majority of tablet computer users report household incomes of $50,000 or more. (Source:

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