'DevManView 1.27', and 'PicEdit 1.55'

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DevManView 1.27

DevManView is a free software alternative to the standard Windows Device Manager. Like the Device Manager, DevManView displays all the devices hooked to a computer, along with their properties, but in a simple flat table rather than the usual 'tree' view. In addition to displaying the devices of your own computer, DevManView also allows you to view the device list of some other computer that's part of your network. However, to view that list, you must have 'Administrator' level access rights to the computer you want to examine.


PicEdit 1.55

PicEdit is powerful, easy to operate, user-friendly image editing software utility that supports a variety of graphic styles (such as arrow, rectangle, polygon, pencil, text), and a variety of effects (such as highlighting, mosaic, blur, brightness, hue, saturation, etc). With its professional image editing capabilities, PicEdit processes all kinds of graphic elements and has the ability to repeat the editing moves you've already performed. If you make an error, no problem, because the original image is automatically preserved.


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